Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dragon dream

From when I first started to meditate I have had a Dragon appear in my meditations. His name is Cabou and has I see him he is friendly but you wouldn't want to upset him. I go for long rides on his back and it feels magical. I have always felt safe. We have visited mother moon and flew through the night sky. His large very large and he can change colour within his environment. He as taken me to his home, he never speaks but I always seem to know what his thinking or asking me to do. We have great respect for each other.

Last night was the first time he has appeared in my dream. It was a very exciting dream and his colour changed loads of times. I was really enjoying this dream this i can remember. But then i was woken by my son wanting the toilet arrrggg lol I so wanted to get back to that dream but it wasn't happening . I am hoping he will appear now more in my dreams.

I was wondering if any of you know wot these meditations and dreams mean and if some how his trying to tell me something. If anyone as any opinions on this please let me know and hopefully it means I am not going madder than I already am lol

Blessed Be )0(

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