Thursday, 17 March 2011

Being Diabetic sucks

I come from a family of diabetics a long line of  them that you would think i would know by now everything about the disease and what happens to you if you don't control it. Well i do but i have chose to ignore it really push it to the back of my mind since i found out that i had it about a year ago. In this year i have chosen not to visit the doctor or take treatment of any sorts. I suppose you would say i was in denial and i suppose yes i was.

Now after a year i am finally realising i need to go back to the doctors its just plucking up the courage to go as i fear they are going to tell me off lol (I am a wuss) when it comes to health things with me i hate being touched But lately my symptoms are worse and my blood sugars are higher than ever and i cant get them down no matter how much i try to do the things you are suppose to do there still not coming down.

This week as been a bad week on the health front and i also got my AF which when you have been trying to conceive for the last 2 years doesn't help even though i knew she was coming because we haven't tried with my levels being high it still hurts. I also think the reason for this is because i am diabetic i cant get pregnant again.

So tomorrow i will book an appointment for the doctors that's if i can get in 

 Yes i do know there are people having a worse time than me i just needed a moan x

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