Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Welcoming Molly into the Family :-)

So Molly entered our life on Monday and she as already got us all wrapped around her little paw .We never set out to have another dog but the Goddess must have thought we needed new life in our lives and with it being Ostara i thought why not (didn't need much persuading ) lol We had her off my brother who's dog had had puppies ten weeks earlier. I had deliberately not gone to see them as i knew i would want one. But my brother asked me if i would like one as he was having problems selling the last couple to good homes.

Now since Monday night my sleep pattern as gone to pot its like having another baby lol, my boy as gone even more hyper wanting to play with this adorable little puppy and my other dog wants nothing to do with her yet but i am sure they will eventually grow to love each other . 

has you can see she is lovely and i am sure you will see more pictures of her over the next couple of weeks .

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  1. Molly is adorable! I have a quick suggestion to make the transition easier. Especially in light of the fact that you have a very intelligent breed the border collie.
    These are things I have done when bringing a new dog into the house.
    All treats are given when together.
    Established dogs receive calm attention when the pup or other dog enters the room.
    Basically you want your other dog to associate the pup with good things that she likes.
    So if your border collie loves to play ball when you see her being "nice" to the puppy you can reward her with some praise and playing ball time.
    When I bring a new dog into the house the only attention I will give to them all is when they are all together and in a relaxed and calm situation. This includes the new dog or puppy.
    Why? Well because I do not want my established dogs to feel their position in the pack is threatened. I am the "boss" or alpha and as their leader I convey to them all my wishes for them to get along by how they act together.
    I know how hard it is to not want to dote on a pup, its hard for me to contain myself too. But I also know how important it is for them to learn to love each other first.
    They will bond with your loving guidance:)
    I have 4 dogs of all ages. They all came into my home at different times in their life. My most recent dog is a 13 year old poodle I inherited. He had a lot of problems but with loving guidance is a really happy well rounded dog who has come to love the other dogs here.

    Blessed be and congratulation on your new baby!