Thursday, 5 May 2011


So hands up who actually uses there imagination?

If i was to say i was now going to play with my imaginary friend, my unicorn called sally and my little purple elf friend you would think crazy women go phone the men in white coats lol
I fell us adults don't use our imagination half as much as we should or we try to hide it afraid we will be classed as odd or mad.

I was watching my 4 year old boy playing this morning.Which i do  on many occasions. I am fascinated by his imagination and what comes from it that it totally amazes me.

Then it occurred to me how old was i when i lost mine. Maybe it was when i was in the grumpy teenager years the time when we are trying to find our selves maybe? The time when we are more likely to be judged. But whenever it happened it should not have. We should never lose our imagination its somewhere we can go when we are sad or in need of a cheer up.
So lets all go and find our imagination again. I have started to.

Go play have fun let our inner child be set free. 

If you have trouble go watch a child or even play with them you will be sure to find it.

Imagination is our greatest weapon find your inner child today .


  1. Imagination is crucial, in so many ways, for witches, artists and human beings in general.

  2. As we grow we are taught that knowledge is more important, more "Real" than imagination. The greatest inventors, architects and the best of people are the ones who can gain knowledge and wisdom without losing the playful imagination of a 4 year old.
    Many Bright Blessings to you and the little one.